How Much Does an Explainer Video Cost?

October 16, 2023

It's Q4, and tis the season for setting your marketing budget for next year. You should consider an explainer video. I've already explained why and your potential ROI.

So, how much does an Explainer Video cost? Use our

Free Explainer Video Calculator

We offer 2 options: An Animation only rate and a Full Service Production rate

The animation only service, or the Lite Service, is for those who already have design assets, storyboards created and even voice over ready and you just need animation or motion. The Lite Service/Animation only rate is $35/sec.

The other, more popular option, is the Full Production service, or the Standard Service. At $50 per second you get all parts of production and their fees, like script creation, storyboards, illustration, animation, voice over and music/sfx. You can use this video in countless ways without additional cost: liven up your landing page, spice up your newsletters, stop folks in their tracks at your trade show booth, or create engaging social media posts and YouTube ads. Oh! And I even provide the option of obtaining full rights and usage of the source files for all designs in which you can use across other marketing content.


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