A.I. is good enough... NOT

April 25, 2023

Oh, A.I. creating explainer videos? That's a great idea! If you want a video that's about as engaging as a brick wall.

First of all, A.I. lacks the creative spark that human minds bring to the table.

Sure, it can churn out videos that technically make sense, but they're about as exciting as watching paint dry. Let's face it; creativity isn't an algorithm. It's like ordering takeout from a robotic chef - it may be efficient, but it's not going to earn any Michelin stars.

Secondly, A.I. lacks the emotional intelligence that makes videos truly memorable.

A video made by A.I. won't make your audience feel anything, except maybe confusion. Humans are emotional creatures, and we crave connection. It's like eating a tasteless meal - it may fill you up, but you won't remember it in a week.

Finally, A.I. lacks the ability to adapt to specific audiences and contexts.

A.I. can't pick up on cultural nuances, humor, or the latest trends. It's like asking a robot to write a hit sitcom - it won't get the inside jokes or understand what makes people laugh.

So, there you have it - A.I. may be good enough for some things, but when it comes to creating a successful explainer video, there's no substitute for the human touch.


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