2024 Highlights Pt. 1

April 29, 2024

Early 2024 video highlights are here! We're featuring a few videos we created for our clients. Client comments in blue with other details below

"Something cool, different..."

Requirements from client:

• End-to-end video production, including script, audio and graphics
• Entertaining yet informative

• Not-so-traditional explainer

• Limited color palette

"Boring content, so this needs to be dynamic!"

Requirements from client:

• Animation only (graphics were provided)

• Interesting music to drive animation
• Dynamic with lots of movement

• Easy to understand

• Fast turnaround

"Fancy this up"

Requirements from client:

• Add additional motion and effects to existing video/cut shots
• Clever transitions

• "Pop!"

• Fast turnaround

Stay tuned for more highlights. For now, you can view more videos HERE


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