Should you use characters in your explainer video?

April 24, 2023

You want to know if you should use characters in your explainer video, eh? Let me give you one reason to go for it and one reason to opt for motion graphics and iconography.

Why you should use characters in your explainer video

You know how everybody loves a good sitcom? It's because of the characters. They're relatable, memorable, and they make us laugh (or cry). Characters can do the same for your explainer video. They humanize your message, making it easier for your audience to connect with your brand. So, if you want your viewers to feel as if they're hanging out with their favorite fictional friends, go ahead and let us cast some characters in your video. CODY Creative Co. will design them, or use your existing characters from your brand. Remember, no one ever got famous for being an icon (pun intended).

Why you should skip the characters and use motion graphics and iconography instead

Now, I'm sure you've seen those sleek, modern explainer videos with crisp motion graphics and clean iconography, right? They're like a perfectly ironed shirt - not a wrinkle in sight. If you're looking for a more abstract and sophisticated approach, motion graphics and iconography can help you convey complex ideas without the need for a "cast." It's like watching an avant-garde art film instead of a sitcom - still compelling, just a different vibe. Plus, you help us avoid dealing with any character tantrums on set.

Explainer motion graphics

So, there you have it. Characters or motion graphics and iconography? It's like choosing between a stand-up comedy show and a refined art gallery visit. We can help you decide. Both have their merits; it just depends on what kind of experience you want to create for your audience.


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