Caffeine & Color: Brewing Creativity at Loaf + Vine

May 15, 2023

Did you know, I paint local murals on the side?

After staring a screen all week, I like to get my hands dirty and throw paint on the walls around town. My wife, a dental hygienist, and I team up.

Cody & Britt | Paint Slingin' Pros
Cody & Britt | Paint Slingin' Pros

We had the incredible opportunity to paint the downtown Marriott's coffee shop, named Loaf + Vine. Let me take you through our process.

When the client approached us, all she said was, "I want something Austin-y." Well, challenge accepted! Balancing our weekday roles, we dedicated our full weekend to bring Austin's vibrant energy to life through art.

After brainstorming, sketching, and juggling our dental tools and digital design projects, we came up with a pop-art style design that paid homage to Austin's unique charm.

With our trusty brushes in hand, we transformed the coffee shop into a giant, vibrant canvas. It was like a colorful escape from the routine, a chance to let our imaginations run wild.

The Loaf + Vine coffee shop now radiates the vibrant spirit of Austin

It's a space where locals and visitors can sip their coffee, soak in the atmosphere, and immerse themselves in the creative soul of this super-awesome, remarkable city.


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