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Vetstoria, based in the UK


24/7 Booking Management Software

Target Audience

Veterinary practices worldwide


Showcase features and demo product

Production Process

Our videos are optimized for generating funnel structured traffic, from attracting prospects with Social video to converting buying customers with Explainer Video that influences consumers to join your mission.
Video Brief Forms

Step 1

Script Creation

As part of our Standard Video package, creating a script is the first step. We ask our clients to fill out our Video Brief form in order for us to get a better understanding of their product and mission.

In this case, with the details provided, we determined the best approach for engaging their target audience would be through story and characters, while showing functionality, benefits, and ease of use of their software. We edited their script to fit within their desired 90 seconds.

Step 2

Voice Selection

Once a script was developed, we provided Vetstoria with several samples of voice actors with both female and male options. Different accents and languages are also available.

For Vetstoria, they chose an enthusiastic, young, professional, male voice for their video.

Woman on Mic

Step 3

Storyboarding & Style Frames

While VO is being recorded, we begin storyboarding. Storyboarded frames from scenes are roughed out in black and white drawings with descriptions for visuals and information for direction.

Several style frames from the storyboards are also presented that contain finished, fully colored designs to give a better idea for final video style.

Vetstoria already had existing characters throughout their website. We took those characters and created other assets that matched in style and fit according to their branding guidelines.

Step 4

Animation & Motion

With storyboards and style frames approved, animation begins. Using Adobe AfterEffects CC, we would have seamless transitions between scenes, and incorporate a mix of 2D and 3D-like animation for Vetstoria. Animation took 2 weeks to complete, sending WIPs along the way.

Animation screen
Music Man

Step 5

Music & Sound

While animating, we include a music track that compliments the animation style and tone of the video. Once animation is finalized, we add sound effects throughout the video.



Vetstoria's video was able to go live after 3 weeks of production. Their explainer video now welcomes prospects and customers, and provides a quick overview of their product. It's also shared across social media and in presentations to veterinary practices. By starting with video, Vetstoria now has a library of assets that can be used for other media types and platforms, like infographics and mini-animations for social media and marketing campaigns.

Landing page image


Our Standard Package outcome for Vetstoria's Veterinary Software Explainer Video







As a start-up, Vetstoria's brand continues to evolve. Many of their existing design assets feature trendy, stylized character scenes. They had an explainer video, however its presentation and style was inconsistent with their web branding.

With Vetstoria's product and target audience, veterinary practices, in mind, we proposed creative direction. We would limit colors in the explainer video to those found in the Vetstoria logo, with few accent colors. We also wanted our explainer characters to match Vetstoria's website characters in order to maintain brand consistency across all media. Brand consistency equals brand recognition.

*We recommend starting with Explainer Video*
Existing vs Proposed Designs

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Plans & Pricing

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